Breast Procedures


Offering a Wide Range of Breast Procedures

Dr. Martin is equipped and experienced in performing a variety of surgical breast procedures for women and men. Unsure which procedure is right for you? Our team is ready to guide you in choosing which procedure will best suit your needs.

Breast Augmentation

This type of surgery is often done for clients who want to enlarge or balance out their breasts. We offer different kinds of implants to help our clients decide which variety will bring their desired result.


This is a condition in which men have developed breast tissue. If surgery is required to treat the issue, our team can remove the excess tissue and skin.


Breast Lift

Women who have developed sagging breasts often have this procedure done to restore the look they once had. Breast tissue and skin will be repositioned to a higher area of the chest.

Breast Reduction

We can perform breast reduction surgery for women having difficulty with their daily activities due to their breasts. After removing the excess fat and skin, our team will improve the shape of the breast and nipple.