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Make Your Dream Body a Reality With Liposuction

Dr. Martin and his team use specialized liposuction techniques that allows the removal of localized collections of fatty tissue from one or multiple areas of the body. The increasing popularity of suction lipectomy is due to the safety of the procedure, but liposuction requires an artistic touch to achieve good results. Liposuction also leaves short minute scars about ¼ inches long.

This operation is a great contouring procedure however is not a procedure for weight loss. For best results patients should be at or very close to a weight that a patient can maintain long-term with a reasonable diet and exercise program. Liposuction does not eliminate dimpling, such as cellulite, nor will it tighten skin.


Most patients can return to work in three to four days. A compression garment must be worn for three to six weeks after surgery. After surgery patients limit exercise with no jogging, aerobics, or lifting over 20 pounds for the first three weeks. You can return to the gym after you are off pain medications- usually three to four days- for light exercises including tread mill walking, Elliptical training, Stairmaster, light weights and stationary cycling. Patients may resume most normal activities in three weeks.